Tipu Rahman


Welcome to my website. Throughout this site you will learn about my restaurant and gain further knowledge on my developed skills and talents, some which have come from my background. This site will also inform you on how I managed to achieve the title of ‘the curry king’. I hope my website gives you an up-to-date insight of my success and will help encourage you, as readers to take a big business step towards your career dreams. I hope my success is an inspiration to the Bengali community. I want to hear from you about what you think.

International Chef of the Year

Guinness World Record

BCA Caterer of the Year

In 2009 Tipu Rahman was acclaimed as International Indian chef of the Year with his special unique dish 'The Mango Chicken'. This was the first award of many others.

In October 2012 Tipu Rahman was acclaimed as an official Guinness World Records holder for the tallest stack of poppadoms, one of Tipu's best achievements.

Tipu Rahman was also awarded as

BCA (Bangladeshi Caterer Awards)

best caterer of the year.

International chef of the year


Email:  tipu_rahman@hotmail.co.uk

Address:  Tamarind Restaurant 151-153  Wellingborough Rd, NN1 4DX